“Ikan bot!”

“Ikan bot!” is a phrase oft cried out by local anglers here. It means ‘big fish’ in Tetum, one of the national languages of the intriguingly diverse island nation of Timor- Leste (East Timor). Anglers have access to a wide array of fishing terrain. There are miles of fringing reefs, including some awesome drainage areas that seem to be always full of fusiliers and attendant hungry giant trevally. Timor-Leste boasts incredibly clear, swirling water and teems with bright corals. These waters abound with large marine mammals.

A typical day will yield sightings of humpback and pilot whales, spinner dolphins, turtles, manta rays and whale sharks. As you would expect, these waters are full of tropical sportfish. Dogtooth tuna and giant trevally are present in numbers and bulk that will sate the most ardent of popping and jigging enthusiasts. There are also plenty of coronation trout and other tasty reef fish. Those who prefer to troll will encounter mahi mahi, wahoo, Spanish mackerel and barracuda as their main quarry. Plenty of marlin and sailfish are pulled in (usually by local fishermen) and there have been some massive 800lb billfish caught here.

Casting poppers and jigging will get you good results while those who prefer less exhausting methods can troll to get amongst some wahoo, barracuda and giant trevally. Whether you re fishing from a local outrigger or out on a larger charter boat get ready for a great day out on the water – Tight Lines!